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The calacatta porcelain mosaic is uniform and stylish, with many different colors. This marble is a natural product and stone finish. Without a doubt, this is frost resistance and has an easy installation. These mosaics are for both residential and commercial use. Continuing on, they are ideal for bath design, like basins or shower trays. These calacatta porcelain mosaic comes in a polished finish. There are different shapes for these mosaics as well; chevron, hexagon, straight, water jet drop, water jet square and water jet parquet. The chevron mosaic comes in 11.1×11.57 Inch, the hexagon in 3 Inch and straight in 2×2 Inch. The water jet drop comes in7.84×10.24 Inch, the water jet square in 12×12 Inch and the water jet parquet in 12×12 Inch.