This collection consists of honed tiles designed with soft gray and white colored marble. This collection is the perfect choice for a modern rich interior design scheme. These tiles come in different shapes and sizes as well. First, the carrara carina mania tile comes in 10.65×10.65×3/8 Inch. Second, the dolomit ice grey tile comes in 11.8×14.05×3/8 Inch. Next, the ice gray dolomite carina tile comes in 6.7×6.7×3/8 Inch. The equador hexagon tile comes in 10.24 Inch. Furthering on, the equador chevron tile comes in 6.65×10.25×3/8 Inch. Lastly, the palisandro hexagon tile comes in 10.24 Inch. Overall, this classy and elegant collection has beautiful soft gray and white colors perfect for any interior design looking for sophistication.